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Hell Or Highwater - Begin Again


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Hell Or Highwater was formed by Brandon Saller from Atreyu. The album 'Begin Again' was released in 2011.






01. Gimme Love

02. Hail Mary!

03. Terrorized In The Night

04. Tragedy

05. Find The Time To Breathe

06. Rocky Waters Edge

07. Go Alone (ft. M Shadows)

08. When The Morning Comes

09. Crash & Burn

10. Come Alive

11. We All Wanna Go Home







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I really like this disc - gave it a solid 75% last year. Some really cool tunes on it and a great sound. I hadn't made the Atreyu connection to be honest and really struggled to find much info on the release on the net.

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Looks like this is being re-released on Feb 5th with some bonus tracks.

  1. Gimme Love
  2. Hail Mary!
  3. Tragedy
  4. Terrorized In The Night
  5. Rock Waters Edge
  6. Find The Time To Breath
  7. When The Morning Comes
  8. Go Alone (Featuring M. Shadows)
  9. Crash & Burn
  10. Come Alive
  11. We All Wanna Go Home
  12. Tragedy (Villain Remix) - Bonus Track
  13. The Boxer - Bonus Track
  14. Pretty Penny - Bonus Track

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