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Static In The Stars - Kings Of Last Call EP


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Pretty solid stuff from this Vancouver based band.


From Muchmusic.com blog:

“The best way I can think to describe a Static In The Stars show is guitar-shredding, drum-smashing, epic rock n’ roll you can dance to with catchy vocals that leave you singing the lyrics days later. Static takes the best parts of 80’s hair metal and combine that head-banging epic-ness with modern harmonies, split time and catchy lyrics to create a fantastic diverse sound not quite like anything else.”


Track List:

1. Kings Of Last Call
2. We Are
3. Raise Your Voice
4. Whenever You Fall
5. Lost Vegas


Listen to the whole EP:


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Sounds pretty goddamn good to me! The vocalist could lose the hat (and a few kilos? No he di'nt!). But seriously, very nice song. The chorus should have dropped into a really melodic second half, but it's still a good song. I'd love to hear the rest of the EP and more from the band. Nice find again.

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Very nice stuff. They're just missing that truly killer edge when it comes chorus time, but they're very good and I'll check 'em out for sure. I think 'Kind of last call' is probably my fave.

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