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Guilty Pleasure (2012 album)


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Does anyone know this band? The 2003 album, 'Busted', sounds pretty good, although I've only listened to samples so far. There's apparently a new album coming out this year (so they'll have to be quick!) It's called 'Crossed The Line' and the samples sound pretty good to me.


Samples on the band's website:




Any takers?

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Mate, ,I'll give you the hot tip that 'Busted' is shithouse. Bought and sold that in quick succession. The samples for the new stuff actually sounds pretty good, but wow, if that's the final production/mix, they're in trouble. Shame, that 2nd song actually sounds real good. Huge improvement over 'Busted.'

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Doesn't seem to be any news on when it's going to be released, so maybe there is some production work still to do. Probably just wishful thinking on my part though....


I do like the songs, they sound quite catchy.

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This is odd ... the band site clearly hasn't been updated and still has a big picture of this mythical 'new album'. The link to 'Store' doesn't work. Does this CD actually exist...?


Weird. I can't find any other matches on Google to shed light on this ... can anyone else find anything?

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