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Reckless Love mini-album Born To Break Your Heart


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Finnish rockers Reckless Love have confirmed the release of a new eight song mini-album called 'Born To Break Your Heart', via Spinefarm Records, ahead of their October tour dates.


Says frontman Olli Herman, "We are all so excited about this release. As old school '80s metal fans, we wanted to put together something we were dying to get from our own idols, in the fashion of Guns N' Roses' 'Lies' (which was like a gift from heaven for us as kids); a sort of bonus item designed to reveal more of the whole band and its foundations. So, instead of just releasing 'Born To Break Your Heart' as a straight single, we've thrown in some kickass live tracks, plus a couple of badass acoustic cuts and more, to give a special treat to our fans. To top it all off, we've got a great new mix of the title track by the legendary Tim Palmer himself..."



Regarding the upcoming UK tour, Herman continued, "We've also put together a healthy run of nationwide dates to back the whole thing up. So, this October, we'll be embarking on a tour that throws us straight back into the spirit of our '80's sunset strip idols, by coming back every Thursday to the Barfly in Camden Town, North London -- four London headline shows in a month! We're gonna make every night a special event. You'd better be there to witness it all -- they'll be talking about this outing for some time to come!"


A complete list of the band's October UK tour dates can be found at www.recklesslove.com.


'Born To Break Your Heart' track listing:

01. Born To Break Your Heart (Tim Palmer Mix)

02. Beautiful Bomb (Live)

03. On The Radio (Live)

04. Hot (Live)

05. Push (Outtake From The Album "Animal Attraction")

06. Animal Attraction (Unplugged)

07. The Boys Are Back In Town (Unplugged)

08. One More Time (Unplugged)

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