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Any suggestions on what other bands I would like?

Guest lrkellogg

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Guest lrkellogg

Hey guys!


So with Christmas around the corner, I have some money to spend on myself and was hoping you could give me some suggestions on some bands I might like.


Here are my favorites:


1.Strangeways (Native Sons and Walk in The Fire)

2. Haywire (Bad Boys)

3. FM (Indiscreet/Tough it out/ "Crack Alley" from Takin' it to the streets)

4. Boulevard (BLVD, and Into the street)

5. Streets (Crimes in Mind)

6.Refugee (Affairs in Babylon)

7. The Outfield (Play Deep

8. Bruce Hornsby (With the Range)

9. Benny Mardones (S/T)

10. Heartland



I really like the "light" Aor, and I tend to shy away from anything heavier/edjy such as (Magnum, LeRoux, Rio, Airrace) although I have those albums. Anybody have any suggestions for me that arent extremely expensive/rare (<$20)?


I am always trying to discover new aor/melodic rock and have kind of hit a slow spot and figured this would be the place to come!


Just as an FYI my favorite songs of all time are "Strangeways:Goodnight LA, So Far Away,Shake the Seven" and pretty much everything on Haywires "Bad Boys" album.



Thanks everybody!

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Nice list (-:


Here's a few suggestions off the top of my head though I could go on forever....


Being a fan of Heartland you have probably already heard of this one -

The Distance with Chris Ousey on vocals.


Seven - 'Stranger in the Night'



Mark Spiro - the album 'Now Is Then, Then Is Now'


Keven Jordan - the album 'No Sign of Rain'



Michael Gleeson - Children of Choices

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And a few more....



Bob Halligan - Window in the Wall


Clif Magness - Solo



Think Out Loud (Aussie band)


Gunshy - Mayday



Diving for Pearls - S/T



Atlantic - Power


Metropolis - Power of the Night

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Guest lrkellogg

Wow, you guys really know your stuff! ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC recommendations. They are spot on! I found some affordable ones, but some of the really good ones are one ebay quite yet :-)


Thanks a lot guys I really appreciate it!

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