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Heaven Below - Falling From Zero


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Ever since the band's debut Countdown To Hell came out a few years ago I've been a big fan. They've just recently released their latest full length release Falling From Zero. Still released independently...I can't believe a label hasn't snatched them up, they are freakin' great.


Like Geoff had stated in another thread, the sound is heavier than the debut, but I still find the melodies and choruses are fantastic.


If you are a fan of the heavier stuff from Papa Roach, Shinedown and bands like Blessed By A Broken Heart and Taking Down you will love Heaven Below.


Here is the lead off single....one of the better songs of 2012, awesome chorus, killer solo.




The only place I could find the newest release was over at www.musicbuymail.eu



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I must sadly admit, this took a really bad turn for me. I put pen to paper to rate it and the end result even surprised me. The increased heaviness, on paper, was a great idea, but I think it really back-fired as the singer's voice simply can't handle the heavier stuff. The vocals really started grating on me the more I spun this. I agree they're a very good band - a lot better than this - but in the end this was actually a bit of a disappointment. Super breif summary:


01. The Last Goodbye 00:59 - intro -

02. Brutal As The Truth 03:46 - cool chorus song title hook, but the rest is just solid metal - 6.00

03. Dodging A Bullet 03:28 - solid hard rock / metal - 6.50

04. The Mirror Never Lies 03:58 - nice more melodic rocker - good hook - 7.50

05. Higher Than Heaven 03:47 - okay, solid hard rocker - 6.50

06. My Undoing 03:26 - good, catchy commercial rocker - 7.25

07. Demonocracy 04:11 - solid hard rocker - not super - 6.50

08. Falling From Zero 03:42 - average, fast heavy rocker - 6.00

09. Gravity Killed The Spaceman 03:43 - solid hard rock with a solid hook - 6.75

10. Nations Of Fire 04:40 - solid rocker - 6.25

11. Villains Of Virtue 03:46 - solid hard rocker - nice music - 7.00

12. Facing Angels 04:10 - solid tune with a good chorus - 7.25

13. Be All End All 03:03 - solid hard rocker but some bad vocals here - 6.50

14. Failure Notice 03:17 - pretty solid hard rocker - 6.00

15. Legions Of The Brave 08:49 - too long, but decent - 6.50

Hidden track - not real good at all 5.00



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