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Saving Abel - Bringing Down The Giant


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Saving Abel released the album 'Bringin Back The Giant' this year as a follow-up to 'Miss America' (2010).



1. Bringing Down the Giant
2. Michael Jackson's Jacket
3. Amazing
4. Pine Mountain (The Dance of the Poor Proud Man)
5. You Make Me Sick
6. Pictures of Elvis
7. New Loser
8. Me and You
9. I'd Do It Again
10. Bittersweet
11. Those Who Wait
12. Parachute
13. Constantly








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Pretty much stand by what I said in the first spins thread. Very typical modern rock disc - exactly what you'd expect from them to a t - with the commercial / balladic tunes being the obvious highlights. I dropped a sexy mini-review on this too for anyone interested:


1. Bringing Down the Giant - okay modern rock opener - 6.50

2. Michael Jackson’s Jacket - solid modern rocker - 7.00

3. Amazing - very nice commercial rocker - 8.00

4. Pine Mountain (The Dance of the Poor Proud Man) - interlude -

5. You Make Me Sick - not too bad when it gets going, but still not great - 6.25

6. Pictures of Elvis - solid but not great ballad - 7.00

7. New Loser - pretty awful, basically - 5.00

8. Me and You - good commercial rocker that reminds me of 3 Doors Down - 7.75

9. I’d Do It Again - kid of okay rocker, but not too appealing - 6.50

10. Bittersweet - another nice commercial rocker - 7.25

11. Those Who Wait - not a bad song, but not that great either - 7.00

12. Parachute - another good solid commercial rocker - 7.50

13. Constantly - solid ballad - 7.00

14. Take It Back (Bonus Track) - good riff and decent 3 Doors Down sounds, but poor chorus - 7.00

15. Love Sadistic (Bonus Track) - pretty cool modern rocker - 7.25

16. My Catastrophe (Bonus Track) - good solid rocker - 7.50



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