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so yeah, kick him in the balls !


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so i get this fuckin word DOCUMENT....in an email attachement from a guy friend....what the fuck i will copy and paste it here i am so pissed. As follows :



"There’s a bunch of things I want to say, and they might be hard for you to hear (or not, I don’t know).


You pretty much made it clear that you consider both the present me, and the future me, “too good a friend to be dating material”. It took me mentioning your comment in passing to my mom to realize how deeply it hurt me.


Honestly, I couldn’t disagree more. My problems with relationships in the past have stemmed from a LACK of honesty; openness; time spent together; prior to getting serious. I consider building a friendship a fundamental part of building a relationship.


What helps even less is how the people around me (mainly family) have obviously deeply misread the signals you have been putting out, mainly in how you act around me. Maybe you just enjoy the chase, the tease, the I don’t know what.


I can’t believe that you think that the “perfect” relationship will just fall in your lap or something, with zero effort or friendship building.


Where you and I differ is that I don’t just want my wife to be my partner, I want her to be my activity partner; my confidante; and most of all my best friend.


So yes, I guess if you and I differ on that point, then there’s nothing I can do or say.


Here’s the hard part. I cannot play the role of just being your friend and activity partner anymore. I like you too much to just be your friend. I can’t sit across from you and NOT just want to put an arm around you and pull you close. I’ve been playing this role too long.


So what does this mean? I cannot be what you ask me to be. No movie buddies; no shopping buddies; no family event buddies.


If you cannot like me in the way I like you, then I’m sorry, but it just hurts to be around you.


I think I will start going to the Sunday night service from here on out. I think it would be appropriate."



Okay, so yeah, i admit, i am a bit of a tease and a flirt. guilty as goddamned charged. what i am most bent about is the fact that A, he couldn't say this to me and B, we have to hop on the guilt trip express. so whatever. he is really nice, really great friend, but really really nuts. i mean, we are all nuts in our own way, but this guy is really really nuts. okay rant done.

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