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Yellowstone - Situation On Planet Earth


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My new neighbor gave me a copy of this in a bunch of shit he traded me, he is from Vancouver, so he has a totally different collection of discs, that I was very eager to dive into when I got looking through them, this is one of the discs I got, and I wasn't to gung ho about it when I skipped through the track introductions, but when I actually listened to the entire album, I was very amazed, I don't even really know how to compare these guys to anyone, except for they are very talented, the singer, Marc Le Roc Is a genius singer, the guy has to make more albums, it would be criminal to let a voice like his go to waste on only one album, have any of you happened to hear this disc? maybe you can put it into words, I think its amazing, and I highly recommend it to all of you, at least find out if theres any samples, or any of their songs on the internet, and give a listen, I had never even heard of this band before yesterday, now I am addicted and want more!!!

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Yeah it's nice AOR, worth repeated spins as the hooks take a while to sink-in. Good stuff.

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