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Riot - Immortal Soul


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New Riot disc has the reunion of the Thundersteel lineup plus longtime guitarist Mike Flyntz. If you like classic metal and the Thundersteel/Privilege of Power sound from Riot than you will love this album.

I can't believe how great Tony Moore sounds after all these years.


"Sins of the Father"






"Fall Before Me"








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I agree, a very good disc by the band, and recommended for fans of heavy metal.

I guess I rated it around 80% at first and still got the same score after 3-4 spins, great buy!


I'd probably rate it close to a 85-90% but I love about anything Riot has ever done. I was slightly dissapointed that they were reuniting this lineup as I love the Dimeo era of the band but I did love Thundersteel but I am shocked at how good this is. Every song is pretty damn good trad metal and Tony sounds great and the first 6 songs are all excellent IMO.

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I think 85% is also reasonable, I might go for that road later, but this one is a goodie, sure thing. The first six are great except 'Crawling' didn't do much for me, but 'Riot', 'Still Your Man', and 'Wings Are For Angels' are a blast.


'Sins of The Father' and 'Insanity' had monstrous riffs, and I guess the second half is more hard rock oriented don't you think ? Tracks like 'Whiskey Man', 'Believe', and 'Echoes' are the examples, but traditional heavy metal is so damn close to hard rock anyway.

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