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Hey Andre, despite the shit sound quality they sound pretty good. If it was normal postage I'd just buy a copy but it always frustrates me when I see blatant over-charging for postage when I know full well it only costs $1.20 or something to send a CD. Anyway, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt if it's worth it. How many songs on the EP and how would you rate it?

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Not sure if I ever heard the first EP, but I wish I did and I wish I bought it, because it's damn freakin' good and now it's sold out.


What is also good - very good, in fact, is there 2012 EP, 'Here Today.' Real nice, in fact. Buy it here for a very reasonable price:







1. Here Today (3:40)

2. Tell Me (2:48)

3. Could It Be Love (3:48)

4. Heaven Above (7:04)

5. Overnight Sensation (3:32)

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The first e.p was limited to 500 cd's, the band gigs heaps all over W.A it seems & didn't just keep emselfs to Perth. They seem to have much of past few years touring around the U.S aswell, it';s no wonder the debut e.p's sold out!

Hoping the band will think big & be wise & reissue the debut e.p :)


Have you heard the new one too? Love the first song and the ballad particularly, but it's a classy EP.



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From their forthcoming EP 'All I Want Is Everything':



Killer riffage in the new song and some awesome parts in that 2nd verse. Not an amazing chorus, but a very cool hard rocker with a pure early 90's hard rock vibe. Love these guys' sound. I wish they'd release a full CD, but can't wait for the EP.

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