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Crashdiet and Pretty Boy Floyd live video in LA 11/12


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Well, although I couldn't be there in person, I was really excited to watch Crashdiet play what I believe was their first gig in the U.S. last night at the Key Club in L.A. Unfortunately it was a real let down. The lead vocals were very flat with some weak attempts at screams here and there, and the band in general was a little subdued. Has that been the experience of others who have seen them live, or was this maybe just an off-night? I was left thinking they should get Olliver back from Reckless Love. Here's the video of their set:

Crashdiet live at Key Club 11/12


And for amusement here's a clip of Pretty Boy Floyd, who played before Crashdiet and sounded equally unimpressive (although expected in this case):

Pretty Boy Floyd live at Key Club 11/12

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You cant take live video as a way to define how good a gig was. I have been to gigs before where the crowd and band were red hot, but when seeing it on video, the video never translated the sound properly or the energy.

As for PBF, no I idea why you would think PBF would be unimpressive as I have seen them several times over the years, and they have always put on a shit hot show no matter what line up it was.


And quite frankly listening to the PBF video I can tell straight away that the sound recorder is fucking awful. No way is that what either band sounded like live.

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No definitely not.


I saw them playing as support to HS earlier in the year here in London and the only way I can describe it is 'apocolyptic'.


All sounded awesome to me.....shame it was only a 30 min set.


However, HS were still better.

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I dont see there is anything bad about Steves voice. No worse than 90% of the 80s glam rock bands.

Hell, I'd take Leather boyz over 90% of the albums that were out at the same time as its one of my top albums of all time.

I dont listen to glam bands and expect Paul Rogers or Joe Lynn Turner level of vocal excellence, and Steve was easily a match for the likes of Vince Neil, Stephen Pearcy and Axl Rose, for instance.

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