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D Generation have reformed!


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D GENERATION return - tour dates announced...


Written by Kik Axe


NYC's D GENERATION are reactivated, and after a run of shows in Spain earlier this month, followed by a free show tonight in New Jersey, the band will perform a headline show at Irving Plaza in NYC on Saturday, followed by a short run of shows in San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland, Chicago, Austin, and possibly more.


From the official Press Release:



The band will be playing material from their three full-length albums D Generation (EMI, 1994), No Lunch (Columbia 1996) and Through The Darkness (Sony 1999) and plan to write new material post shows for a release in 2012. Breaking up in 1999, the members last got together as D Generation in 2008 to play three songs at the John Varvatos Store Opening (on the site of the legendary CBGB’s). Composed of Jesse Malin, Danny Sage, Howie Pyro, Michael Wildwood and Richard Bacchus, D Generation formed in the early 90’s and during the age of grunge and mainstream alt rock, were as Rolling Stone Magazine proclaimed “the stuff that popped-up 70s punk was made of" "tailor-made for grimy pinball arcades and Brand X beer-drinking binges." In addition to a 4 star review, legendary Rolling Stone writer David Fricke went on to comment "There is no better sales pitch for the snot-rock classicism and teenage-warfare spirit of D Generation than [the song] "No Way Out." Richard Bacchus’ and Danny Sage’s guitars spit bullets, singer Jesse Malin seethes with rabid impatience. Malin, Sage, Bacchus, bassist Howie Pyro and drummer Michael Wildwood embrace the values of aggressive brevity." Fricke went on to label the song a "stone classic" and fervently predicted more to come from the band.




A live force to be reckoned with D Generation toured with such artists as Social Distortion, L7, Green Day, Cheap Trick, The Misfits, and The Offspring, among many others. Most notably, the band also played on The Ramones’ farewell tour and the KISS reunion tour.




Speaking on the upcoming D Generation shows Sage says “We all still talk and have stayed in touch over the years. I’ve worked on all of Jesse’s solo albums. Over the years we have gotten a lot of offers to play but just were busy working on our own things. This year we decided to do two shows together and the offers began to fly in from all over the world and it just grew from there.”




Echoing the sentiment Malin said “There's a lot of love amongst the five of us, we grew up together. It's like a little gang, a bunch of friends hanging out on a street corner. I miss the good jokes, the unspoken understanding that people have that have such a real history. I miss putting on my creepers and screaming at the top of my lungs.”




In closing Sage says of the new era of D Generation “I think it’s a good time for D Generation, the state of rock & roll is so pathetic and somebody needs to kick it in the ass and I’m glad it’s us.”






9/17 New York @ Irving Plaza


9/23 San Diego, CA @ Casbah


9/24 Los Angeles, CA @ Troubadour


9/25 Oakland, CA @ The Uptown


10/08 Chicago, IL @ Double Door / Riot Fest


11/04 Austin TX, Fun Fun Fest

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Awesome news... I love D Generation. What a great live band. Too bad I'm going to KIX tomorrow (Saturday) or I would sneak up to NY to see them. With a little luck they will play a couple East Coast shows.


Thanks for the "heads up" on this one. I never would have imagined them reforming. I probably would have known nothing about it.


Thanks again... :beerbang:

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