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Lizzy Borden


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Gave myself a little gift and my pal Dave and I went and saw Lizzy Borden play a microscopic bar show on Saturday night and let me just say that if you've never seen LB do yourself a favor and go see him while you can!

The guy is a stupendous showman, he still sings like a frickin bird and the band was oh so tight. Let me put it this way LB and his crew hit the stage around 11:00pm to a whoppin' 50 people plus or minus, pathetic Seattle, just pathetic, but LB and the band played like it was a 15,000 seat arena! Ton's of costume changes for LB, half naked dancing girls every other song. LB brought out the infamous "ax" and let the fake blood fly while plowing through ALL your favorite LB hits. From American Metal to Me Against the World to Notorious to There Will Be Blood Tonight to Psychopath to Long Live Rock N Roll, ETC!!!!!

Just an amazing thing to see and hear and I am so glad that I did not miss it.

As with most the bar shows of late LB and company did a little meet and greet at the merch table afterwords and meeting Lizzy was akin to the time I met Ozzy, I was completely dumbstruck/starstuck and as to be expected LB and the band, which includes longtime LB alumni Joey Scott on drums, were very nice to us fanboys with autographs, picks, drumsticks and tales of the road and how grateful they were for us to come out and see them!


Here is a pic after the show of me (covered in the blood Lizzy lathered me up with during "There Will Be Blood", you know I was front row and center the whole time!) and Lizzy Borden.



Oh and not to take ANYTHING away from Lizzy Borden, but the much recently talked about Underride opened the show and they are a really good live band with a lot of stage presence and some pretty good rock n roll tunes.

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Nice! Dark Star and I saw Lizzy many many years ago (Master of Disguise Tour) in Brooklyn, NY. I wasn't much of a fan at the time but I had to admit he put on a helluva show, went out & bought a few of his albums after that...

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Nice!! Don't know when they will tour the states again. They will be heading to Europe later in the year.

If and when they get back this wa I will be there again for sure!


According to the band and their website they take the next couple of months off and head for Europe in December.



And Keith, certainly would have LOVED to have seen LB back in the day, can't recall ever hearing about them trecking to Seattle, which kind of makes sense since LB mentioned during the show about this being his first show in Seattle...



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I saw them 4 times this summer. Went to the Greensburg PA, Towson MD, Clifton NJ, and Indianapolis IN shows.

Lizzy has always been a super nice guy and their lastest release "Appointment With Death" was amazing.


Very nice.


How many times have you seen LB over the years? ANd agreed, LB and company was super cool and as you said nice. Always have been a huge fan, but after the show he just concreted himself in the hall of fame in my head. :)

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