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Chronology - The Eye Of Time (2011)

Guest aggelos978

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Guest aggelos978



1. In Days Of Old

2. The Eye Of Time

3. Warning

4. Forbidden Path

5. The Coldest Day

6. 17 February 1773

7. The Scriptorium

8. Hidden Memories

9. Legacy Of The Ancent Gods

10. The Way Leads To Nowhere

11. Evil Eye

12. Benedictio

13. Father Godthart

14. Neverending Dreams

15. Close To Me

16. Frozen Time

17. Guardians Of The Eternity





Bloody awesome power from Hungary...

Check it out...

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I checked it out coz I usd to love my power metal but it's pretty boring these days..... the whole genre has become too samey and everyone sounds the same. This does sound OK but the singer uses too much vibrato.... on every held note... long or short.

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