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Ozzy-The old bastard still how to rock!

Ali Rock

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Tuned way down and Ozzy is actually singing instead of lipsynching. Gus is an OK guitarist, but his pickups sound dead compared to the way Jakes used to sound on this tune.

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The band is very tight, which is nice to hear, and Ozzy has lost nothing over the years.

Really shows that as good as guys like Rhodes, Lee and Wylde are/were, the star of the band will always be Ozzy as the guitar/bass/drums all sound identical to those that have gone before.

I'm sure they have all put their own stamp on things over the years, but the new guys come in and can pretty much mimmick their predecessors note for note.

Vocalists are always the toughest to replace, and Ozzy is one of a kind, thats for sure.

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Guest aggelos978

Hey I think Ozzy during the latest year's shows has lost sth concerning his voice.

Comparing to Dio for example whose voice remained the same.

But I think it's logical and it cauzes no problem to anyone.

Gus is a talented guitarist and fits tight with the band.

He is young compared to Zakk.So we better not put them side by side.

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