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New Angra?


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Hey guys, I am a pretty big Angra fan but due tot he birth of my first little one I've been dropping the ball picking up new releases blindly on release day. Anyway, witht he ever tightening budget can anyone let me know what the new one is like and how it compares to the other Edu fronted Angra albums? Thanks and sorry if there is already a thread on this.

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Hey John,


I love the new Angra, I think it's a fantastic album! As far as the Edu era goes for Angra, I'd have to say that Rebirth and Temple of Shadows are still my two favorites, though Aqua does not let down from any of the power progressive elements that makes up Angra's signature style. I highly recommend this one!

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I haven't checked any of the Angra stuff out since Fireworks after Matos left the band.


Ditto, the last one I bought was Holy Land - sorry I can't be of much help John.


Congrats on the birth of your son (? judging by the CD package I received today :) )

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LOL... the Nappy boxes make great CD protectors for mailing ;)


For the post above don't be skeptical about grabbing some Angra with Edu on vocals. Start with the first, ReBirth, gie yourself to it's glory ;)

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Guest Bassman

Angra is one of my favorite bands, this new release is fantastic! Edu's voice is in fine form here and the rest of the band is as tight as ever. I actually prefer Edu's vocals to Andre Matos, who always sounded a little samey to me.

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