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Quietdrive - s/t


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Well you could paint me surprised when I saw this pop up in yesterday's releases. These guys are one of my favourite modern rock bands and having loved their last CD, I had to hear this immediately. Here's the track list:


- 12 Young

- 11 Feel Alive

- 10 It Says Alot

- 09 The Good Book

- 08 Birthday

- 07 Fading Light

- 06 Body Out of Bed

- 05 Ces't La Vie

- 04 Days Go By

- 03 Always

- 02 Way Out

- 01 American Jeans


The first few songs are all very good, but come off sounding maybe a little "whipped", for lack of a better word. All very luvy-duvy type of stuff. Maybe a little "plain" for Quietdrive, imo. But still, all very nice songs. But then it's game on from track 5, 'Ces't La Vie' onwards. That track is stunning, as are most that follow afterwards with perhaps the exception of 'It says a lot' which is one of the weaker on the disc. Or 'The good book.' But the rest is superb. The new version of 'Birthday' is less quirky and arguably even better than the original. Loved that song from the moment I heard it and this new totally re-recorded version is great too.


If you loved the last 2 albums and 2009's great mini-album, this is essential. I think the thing I love about these guys is that they're not totally predictable. They play what appears to be a pretty simple style of modern rock, but always mix things up a bit. This new album will sit easily in my top 5 this year... nice save for a relatively slow year in modern rock.


Order here:



Listen here:


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I have the 2006 release When All That's Left Is You and if my memory serves me right (seldom) it was quite good. Otherwise I wouldn't have it in my collection :)

Maybe I should check out the new one...

Yeah, it's a good one. Their most basic, though, and be sure to check out 'Deliverance' from 2008 too. That was pure excellence.

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