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Karen Lawrence and the Pinz

Nick C

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Huh! Whaddya know - I was perusing the Classic Rock AOR issue and thought I'd check out a Karen Lawrence video of the song Prisoner. As it was I came across this little lost gem.


After 1994 split she formed Karen Lawrence and the Pinz with Fred Hostetler,Leigh Foxx and Mark Bourcet . The album was very much a product of the times (she even cut her hair ...sob! hahaha)and kind of like 1994 in parts but with a much stronger "new wave" kind of feel. They only did one album although she and Fred Hostetler went on together for her next album the much rockier Rip & Tear (which is f*cking great!) and her next band Blue By Nature along with Rick Dufay ex Aerosmith (where I think she still resides today)

Anyway the song is the title track of the album Girls Night Out....


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Nice find mate. Never heard of this one before, although I do have her 'Rip & Tear' on vinyl. Another one that should be re-issued on CD I think

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It's a pleasure chaps, re CD of Rip & Tear - I lent my vinyl copy to a chap called Chris Woods of Revolver Records the label that released the album so they could add a decent copy to their archives. Wow is he a perfectionist, he had the vinyl for nearly 12 months - tried remastering it at the Revolver facility wasn't happy, he had his turntable re-aligned, mucked around trying to get a copy he was happy with for months, sending bits of kit for upgrade e.t.c. he got some great versions he reckons but couldn't quite get rid of the sibilance as much as he wanted. I eventually asked for the album back as I was missing it and he said he would send the results - got the album but no CDRs of anything. What'ts worse the vinyl was covered in dust....ffs, no wonder he said towards the end of each side the distortion became worse....he probably had an inch of dust on the stylus fucking up the recording. Anyway it cleaned up just fine.

The Revolver Records website have it listed as a download....and even have it listed as CD (but when I tried buying it as CD they don't actually have it available...it's how I got in touch with Chris in the first place trying to buy it). He seems a nice guy but like many in the music industry unable to get their shit together at times hahaha!

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    • Battlegod Productions. Although I ordered directly from the bands website...The band messsaged to say they were waiting for payment to clear after it was received, then messaged to say they had received payment about 2 weeks later...still waiting on it actually being sent...ah well
    • That's actually a pretty cool song. Better than his previous bands for sure. I gotta agree with Auslander, though. Something a bit off-putting about those backing vocals. Some are nice, but particularly the ones at the start of the chorus are, as I said, "off-putting."  I've had lukewarm reactions to backing vocals in the past, though, and sometimes I get past it. Hopefully this is one of those occasions?
    • I have been summoned. #1 - plods along and goes absolutely nowhere. Sorry, no cup of seme- uh, tea. #2 - certainly a bit more lively that the first one. Not bad, but it's very, very basic stuff. Okay tune. #3 - yeah, sadly just not my thing. As weak as, if not weaker than the first track.  Sorry cob, I think it's going to have to be a pass from me.  
    • Yeah, I do agree and I don't want people to get me wrong. I'm not a defund the police type or anything like that. My respect for the police is at the lowest it has been in my entire life, but I hope it is something that can be restored in time... though the longer this all goes on, the less hope I have at all for a future worth looking forward to. But that's another story.  I do have some regard for police officers "just following orders" but I've seen and heard way too much to have too much sympathy. And I agree that it is the policy makers that I despise most of all, but I'd have liked to have seen some sort of resistance from the police in all of this. It's been my biggest issue through the whole thing. In the media, government and the police force, there are so few voices (and definitely no significant voices) opposing the ridiculous nature of what has happened over the last two years and is still ongoing.  I don't understand it all, but are the police part of the government, or is there some separation there? If you're given absolutely absurd rules to enforce, I would like to see opposition to it. And as I do with everything, I think what I would do in their situation. If I was a police officer, and I had a family to feed, what would I do? Would I stand outside a grocery store and fine a couple who removed their masks as they walked out the store? Sure as all fuckery, I would not. I've been asked by several officers throughout the last couple of years to put my mask on before a fine was issued, so I'm 100%, definitely not just painting all police with the same brush. I know there's exceptions to every rule. But for any officer who's first instinct was to fine for mask breaches, or insane area restrictions or any of the entirely petty, pathetic laws we've had to endure over the last couple of years, for them I have no respect whatsoever. Even if you're put in the terrible situation they've been put in, there's still a way you can handle it, and a lot of the ways I've seen and heard it handled is not something I can respect.  Anyway, I watched a cool video today. It's as if this guy took every thought I've had on the whole pandemic and said it in proper, intelligent words. If I wasn't as dumb as a wooden post these are the words I'd be saying-  
    • With a rack like that, I'm sure she is.
    • Didn't see anything on this and 1 the new songs are real nice and 2 the Dare Force connection and Johnny's Minnesotian presence just makes it all to epic! His debut solo release Truth or Dare is out now and the 3 video tracks are really good, heck @Geoff my even like it.   I am partial to #2 atm. https://www.facebook.com/JohnnyONeilOfficial https://www.johnnyoneil.com/      
    • I thought of this one today for some reason.  I'm sure everyone here is familiar with "Talking Heads - Psycho Killer" from '77, a very strange track in it's own right, but does anyone here remember the 1980 parody track "Psycho Chicken" by "The Fools"?      
    • That's more like it mate. Your best one so far. Keep it up.
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