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Thriving Ivory


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Back in 2008, they released one of favorite releases that year. I don't know why I loved it so much. The vocals were unique in a Five For Fighting kinda way. Melodic and ambient all at once, sorta like Anberlin but more atmospheric/symphonic...or maybe just gayer??? I can't explain it. Although after a brief listen to the the newest release, it suffers from the same thing that haunts Anberlin in my eyes...it's more of the same, same tempo and structure to all their songs, both releases sound too damn similar. But if you like the first one like I did, thus becoming a fan, I guess you could over look that fact.


Anyways, I had no clue they had released a second release this past September, it's called Through Yourself and Back Again. I'd go on Youtube to get a better idea of all the tracks.


This is an odd side to my enjoying modern bands, sorta like my love for the Manic Street Preachers in the 90's....I sorta lost interest in that band once they got popular on a global scale, plus most of their releases in the 2000's have been so-so at best.


Thriving Ivory - Through Yourself and Back Again


I just bought it for 7$ on Ebay...free shipping, can't go wrong.

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Yeah, I bought this one from Secondspin after seeing one of our esteemed members bought this in the 'What CDs did you buy' thread. I also had no idea they had a new CD, or if they were still together or anything. :lol: I also liked that debut a lot. As you say, the vocals give these guys their own kind of stlye. They're solid and I'm expecting much of the same from the new album, but there's no reason I won't enjoy that. :) Looking forward to it.

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“Through Yourself & Back Again” is one of my favourite modern rock releases this year. There are some fillers, but lot of great songs like “Love Alone”, “On Your Side” and “Where We Belong”, which is one of my favourite songs this year.

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Great new CD. Very similar to the great debut but three songs on this just really blew me away. These guys are pretty mellow so I was really pleasantly surprised to hear three anthems of a sort in 'On your side', 'Some kind of home' and 'Where we belong.' Man, what three absolutely excellent songs. Overall, I liked the rest too and this is a very strong CD... again.

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Those are 3 of favs as well. They are a little more upbeat in the pop/rock sense and less emotional with this release compared to the first. "On Your Side" could easily be a Pink or Avril Lavigne pop hit. I read on Wikipedia that the band had independently released their debut in 2003 or 2004. They could have ruled if they had had success from the get go, since those years were the strong Coldplay/Radiohead years on the airwaves.

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