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JETTBLACK To Release Slip It On EP


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For those of you who have not heard their full length release Get Your Hands Dirty it is pretty good hard rock with a touch of modern rock and sleaze. In my top 10 of 2010. I'll be grabbing this one when it comes out. Has their ever been a cover of Danger Zone (which is a great 80's rock tune as it is).




JETTBLACK To Release Slip It On EP

Posted on Thursday, October 21, 2010 at 12:41:11 EST



UK stadium rockers JETTBLACK will release a new EP, Slip It On, on November 22nd via Spinefarm Records UK


Slip It On will be available as a 5-track physical EP and 2-track digital download. The physical EP will come with four bonus tracks: ‘Chasing Love’, ‘Danger Zone’ (a cover of the ’80s classic from the Top Gun soundtrack) and ‘Mother Fucker’ (acoustic), with both versions featuring newly recorded track ‘The Sweet And The Brave’ (acoustic).


Slip It On EP tracklisting:


'Slip It On'

'Chasing Love'

'Danger Zone'

'Mother Fucker' (acoustic)

'The Sweet And The Brave' (acoustic)

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Hmm, its interesting that the first three of the extra tracks were all available for download with the previous two singles (Get your hands dirty & Two hot girls).

Guess they are re-releasing them on this as it will be on CD this time as well.

Their version of Danger zone is great, and Chasing love is a great rock tune.

I wonder if Fade away will make it to CD at some point as well, as thats another great tune.

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