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This idiot Ebay member offers me 2.50$ for a Freddy Curci cd I have in my store. I have it up for 59$ with a best offer option, pricey, sure it is, but Dreamer's Road usually sells for over 40$. I tell the guy to get lost and stop wasting my time if he's gonna send me some useless low ball offer. For some reason he can't understand why I got upset...dumbass!!! He gets all pissey and tells me I rip off buyers and that I'm a 'pheasant'...yes the fucking bird...I don't get it either. He's from Quebec, so I guess that's a real nasty insult over there.


He sells baseball cards and I feel like offering him 2.50$ for the Albert Pujols card he's asking 95$ for...just to see his reaction and see if he likes it.


sergio33roysergio is a primo douche bag. :ahole:

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That is funny as hell alright i did a quick google search and found this:

1. croch pheasant


insult, to make offense; someone or something that dwells in a crotch inside a nest of pubic hair like a pheasant.



mike: u are a bi&*h!

julie: f%&k u!!

mike: no thanx crotch pheasant!


Maybe that's what he meant, either way he's an :ahole:

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Doesn't EBAY have a feature which you can set, turning down low offers automatically, say on a 40.00 cd, you cant set to turn down any offers 10.00 and under, so you don't have to deal with all the morans.


It does, but sometimes I don't want to refuse an offer for 25$, if my minimum is 30$ and the buyer has bought tons from me before. Let's just say I want to be in control and say yes or no, because my mood can change and sometimes I've just gotta sell it. But 2.50$ for a disc that I'm asking 59$ for is simply stupid and looking for a reaction.

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