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Spiderman on Broadway?

Dark Star

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I Swear I am not making this up.. With music by Bono and the Edge of U2 fame, it hits Broadway this Fall....




I honestly don't know how I feel about this... I mean it COULD be halfway decent.. Right???? :whistle:


Well apparently this HAS been done before.. Sort of.... Did a lil searching and found this....





Is it bad I am kind of mordibly curious to plop down 5 bucks and buy this???? :unsure:

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:rofl: I remember seeing ads for that "Rock Reflections of a Superhero" album in a bunch of my old Marvel Comics from back in the day. It sounds like it would be ludicrously, awfully, hilariously wonderful.


As for the Broadway musical... pass. Seeing Peter Parker dancing with Mary Jane while sporting an emo haircut in "Spider-Man 3" was more than enough for me.

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I've walked by the theatre a few times and seen posters proclaiming it. From what I gather, it's had a fair amount of troubles (delays, cast dropping out, etc). Looks almost doomed.


That said, if I could get to it and either find cheap seats or if it was at the TKTS booth, I'd probably throw down for a ticket and see if it was worth the wait. (I'd hope with it being Spidey and U2 involved, it couldn't be TOO horrible.)

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Yeah, there were some scenes from the "preview" performance on the 10 o'clock news last night... it looks... monumentally silly.


I feel bad for anyone who invested in this show. With all the bad buzz it's been getting, it would've been faster for them to simply take their money outside and set it on fire. General consensus is that if/when this show officially "opens" (supposedly in January sometime), it'll be D.O.A.

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I read in the paper over the weekend that the opening date for "Turn off the Dark" has now been pushed back yet again, to sometime in February of 2011.


...this show is soooooo doomed. :rofl:

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Aaaaaand in the latest Spider-Man news, "Turn off the Dark's" Broadway opening date has been delayed yet again.


NEW YORK – Broadway's "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" has already become the most expensive show ever mounted on Broadway. Soon it may reach another milestone: The show stuck in previews the longest.


Producers delayed the $65 million show for the fifth time Thursday, pushing the opening date to March 15 to fine-tune and put in a new ending. Lead producer Michael Cohl promised this is "the final postponement."


The change means the show, when it opens, will break what is considered the record for most preview performances — 71 — held by Arthur Laurents' "Nick and Nora" in 1991. That may not bode well for the comic book hero, which has enjoyed 37 previews so far and now has more than a month of them to go: "Nick and Nora" lasted only a week after finally opening officially.

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:rofl: I remember seeing ads for that "Rock Reflections of a Superhero" album in a bunch of my old Marvel Comics from back in the day. It sounds like it would be ludicrously, awfully, hilariously wonderful.


A quick Google search on this record revealed the following awesomeness:



Check out the front cover: Peter Parker/Spidey brooding in front of a mirror. Maybe this was the inspiration for that godawful "Emo Peter Parker" dance scene in "Spider-Man 3?" :blink:


But wait! The BACK cover is even better:


Check out Spidey's bitchin' lead singer dance moves!! Plus, talk about your "all star band"...

The Hulk on drums, Luke Cage on bass, Captain America on tambourine, Black Panther on guitar, "Conan and the Barbarians" on strings, Thor on trumpet, the Fantastic Four on backing vocals, and Silver Surfer on...synthesizer!! :rofl2:


(If anyone can tell me what the hell The Falcon (bottom left corner) is supposed to be doing, I'd appreciate it. I've been squinting at the pic for a while now and can't quite make it out. Handclaps? Triangle?)


I must hear this record!!!!

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This show is freakin' cursed. Now it's being pushed back to "early Summer 2011" opening for massive re-tooling, the director's being replaced, and Bono and the Edge are writing new songs to shoehorn into the production.


(from EW.com)

After days of reports speculating on the fate of the embattled Broadway production of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, the show’s producers Michael Cohl and Jeremiah J. Harris officially announced today that Julie Taymor will no longer be continuing her day-to-day duties as the director and co-book writer. The $65 million show will under go “significant” revisions, and the opening night has been pushed from March 15 to a non-specified date in “early summer, 2011.” As such, the producers stated that “Julie’s previous commitments mean that past March 15th, she cannot work the 24/7 [schedule] necessary to make the changes in the production in order to be ready for our opening.” Cohl and Harris are clear, however, that Taymor “is not leaving the creative team.”

In her place, however, director Philip William McKinley (The Boy From Oz) has stepped in to “implement new staging” and playwright and Spider-Man comic book scribe Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa will handle “book rewrites.” Paul Bogaev (Tarzan, Aida) and Peter Hylenski (Elf, Rock of Ages) have also joined the production as a musical consultant and sound designer, respectively.


Bono and The Edge, who wrote the production’s music and lyrics, have announced that they are writing “a couple of new songs we are very very excited about putting into the mix.” They also praise Taymor as a “truly gifted and imaginative director.”


The show, meanwhile, remains in previews at Broadway’s Foxwoods Theatre, with tickets priced from $67.50 to $135, and there is no indication in the release as to when, or if, the production would suspend previews to implement and rehearse the announced changes. As for when Spidey will get a firm new opening date, all Bono and The Edge had to say was this: “We are confident [the show] will reach its full potential and when it does, it will open.”


How much longer before the investors who've been pouring their $$$ into this roaring bonfire for over a year now finally say "f*ck it" and they pull the plug on the whole damn thing? :blink:

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    • Well mate here's the deal Firstly I saw them on their first ever tour with Kenny. Yep was great. Then I saw them about 10 times with Erik. Each and every time they were utterly fantastic. Erik is a beast live and one of the best singers I've seen period. Then he leaves and they get Kenny back 10 years on and way past his best imo and quite frankly pretty poor compared to what Erik bought.  For me, no matter how well they play its just not the same without Erik.  If youve never seen the band with Erik you probably wont understand. So yeah I stand by my comment.  I'll probably never see them live again tbh
    • Skies of Mongolia - Treat
    • No Rest for the Wicked - new sensation Ozzy Osbourne
    • yea, i knew why they got lumped together as grunge because of their clothes and where they came from, just always thought it was weird as they have nothing in common musically speaking.  
    • well if one feels Erik raised the quality significantly, then the band is indeed a shadow of their former selves once he leaves.  whether or not one thinks Erik raised the quality significantly is again up to the individual. mmmbop.   A SHADOW OF YOUR FORMER SELF definition: someone or something that is not as strong, powerful, or useful as it once was: 
    • Agree they are nothing alike. All are called "grunge" but all have different sounds and influences. Soundgarden have a classic metal influence (i.e. Sabbath) whereas Nirvana have a punk/hardcore and alt. rock influence (i.e. Melvins) and Pearl Jam has a classic hard rock influence (i.e. Guess Who). They just came out of the same area/scene and didn't dress glam so got lumped together.
    • "a shadow of themselves" is not preferring one over another singer, it is stating that the band is nothing like itself even though the band was around before your favourite singer was even in the band. That is why it is a ridiculous comment. Shouldn't be hard even for you to understand, Tobi.
    • the vocals were so bad I couldn't really focus on any other part of the song or listen it to long enough to see what it was all about.  Chris Cornell very good vocals, Kurt Cobain bad vocals, Eddie Vedder even worse vocals.  I've seen these three bands often get lumped together but they are nothing alike.  this is how you fuckin' do it.  
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