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Nelson - The Early Years


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It was the song Won't Walk Away and they were performing it on some show. It looked to be around 1986-87 or so. One brother was playing bass and singing and the other was drumming.


Aparently, they both can play multiple instrumrnts

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    • Yesterday Gone - Rox Diamond
    • Decay Of Humanity - Despair
    • Local news here still gives the daily tally of new cases, number of deaths, number in the ICU, and the percentage of positive tests. Now they've recently added children under 12. Among the top stories every single day. I'm so sick of it I don't even watch the news anymore. Propaganda machines.
    • I'm not normally one for conspiracy, but I have been wondering what the motivation has been for the elites to continue this control of the population. It seems that since covid started there has been a massive redistribution of wealth - from the middle and working class to the 1% (of which the media and politicians are part). It's all about the $. Covid has been amazing for boosting the elites already astronomical wealth at the expense of the rest of us. We are the new serfs.
    • I bet they're probably supposed to be resistant to the first two shots, but amazingly, just as they need the panic to return to get people to take the booster shot, I have a feeling that the booster shot will save the day? So everyone, go out and get your soon-to-be mandatory booster, because if you don't, this week's variant will kill you immediately.  And please feel free to quote me at the time, that some urgently lethal new strain will pop up just as numbers for the fourth booster shot begin to drop too. 
    • Lambda, Mu and now Omicron are all "supposedly" resistant to the vaccines and highly transmissible.  But I agree, enough is enough. 
    • You could record a whole CD for $7500.
    • its hard to say what the best cast was, how many legends have come from that original cast, but just the same those 1988 to about 1995 years just saw a steady stream of legends as well, Phil Hartman, Dennis Miller, just as they left Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, all those guys, I think the last funny cast they had was Will Ferrels, though Andy Samberg does crack me up.
    • There was a time when SNL pushed boundaries rather than just capitulating to the woke Leftist hive mind. Hasn't been funny in about 2 decades now.
    • That Was Yesterday - Foreigner
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