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College Football 2010 - Official Thread


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This can be the place to talk about the weeks games and anything else about College Football for this season.


I saw Bosie State live last night at Wyoming and damn are they good. I don't want to hear about their schedule these guys are for real IMO. I know Wyoming isn't considered a great team or anything and they did play horrible but Boise just looked amazing and were twice as fast at every position. If they were in the Big East or ACC they'd be the best team and probably be one of the best teams if they were in the SEC, Big East, Big 12 or Pac 10 as well. Kellen Moore is one hell of a QB and Titus Young is a great Receiver. For those that don't believe the hype about this team think again. Of course they still have Oregon State and Nevada left and those might not be big time teams but both teams are solid especially Nevada(they just trounced Cal).

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I wonder what Florida is thinking about telling Cam Newton (QB Auburn) to hit the road and find some other place to play.


I'm sure they regret that.


Of course there could be a let down but except the game in Tuscaloosa to end the season Auburn almost has an open invitation to the BCS title game. Then again we see every week games that go a different way than expected but I do expect Auburn to lose at Alabama. I also expect Michigan State to lose at Iowa. I could also see Oregon having problems at USC. Of course I might just be saying these things because I'd love to see Boise State and or TCU to get a chance to play in the spotlight but would also love to see Missouri go undefeated as well.

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