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Retrospect Records unleashes 6 more gems! 8/23

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Another excellent six-pack of releases are now available from Retrospect Records -








THE STORM - Sweet Surrender


Holy smokes! Retrospect Records has done it again! For the first time ever on cd comes some of the most sought after recordings on the planet...The Storm! We all know that the best Melodic Rock and AOR was recorded in the 80s and early 90s and this release is no exception. Quite simply , this is a pure AOR masterpiece. Fronted by the golden vocal pipes of Kristina Nichols and complemented very nicely by the talent of keyboardist / vocalist Karen Childs as well as seasoned session musicians Joe Palmeri , Tad Dery and David Logeman , The Storm is a Melodic Rock lovers dream. How this band escaped a major deal is bewildering. Every song is a bonafide hit and a few of these were even covered by other artists of the era including Mark Free. Massive hooks , killer vocals , tasty guitars and plenty of rich keyboard work. I'm sure you will agree this is fantastic material and easily one of the best female-fronted AOR releases ever!!









BRICKYARD - self-titled


Wow - this is another great slice of 80s Melodic Rock / AOR unleashed from the vaults!! Led by Welsh-born Vocalist Mikel Japp , who has written songs for The Babys , Kiss , Michael Des Barres and Bryan Adams , Brickyard was actually a Los Angeles-based band that recorded a slew of songs that have never seen the light of day in cd form...until now. Mikel sounds like the perfect blend of John Waite , Lou Gramm , Steve Overland and Daniel Bowes. The four other members of Brickyard are extremely talented seasoned musicians who knew exactly how to lay down a tight Melodic Rock album with extremely tasty guitar work and a sprinkling of keys...David Logeman , Tad Dery , Luke Thule and Michael Lamper. Very highly recommended to all fans of top-notch classy 80s AOR and bands like: Terraplane , Foreigner , The Babys , Wildlife , FM , Thunder , Signal , Strangeways ETC...






HEIST - High Heel Heaven +2


Digitally Remastered with an additional two bonus tracks HEIST'S "High Heel Heaven" is a killer slice of Hair Metal / Melodic Hard Rock from 1989 that was long overdue for a re-issue. Easily one of the best Melodic Metal bands to ever emerge from the Bay Area , Heist features powerful soaring vocals , memorable hooks , blazing guitars and top-notch musicianship. Essential for all fans and collectors of 80s Hair Metal and especially fans of bands like: Vyper , Black n Blue , Y & T , Hurricane , Malice , Shok Paris , Icon , Weapons , Banshee , Problem Child ETC...






RAGE N ROX - self-titled


First time ever on CD for this amazing female-fronted 80s Melodic Rock / AOR band. Hailing from Portland Oregon , Rage N Rox features the powerful vocals of Tamara Deems and the impressive array of guitar pyrotechnics from husband Gordy Deems. From driving Melodic Rock to gorgeous AOR ballads , Rage n Rox highlights strong memorable hooks and a perfect blend of guitars and keys , making this almost-forgotten 80s treasure an essential addition to your collection. Very highly recommended to fans of: Vixen , Fiona , Toronto , TinDrum , Aina , Annica , Joanna Dean , Femme Fatale and of course Heart. Where do we keep finding them??






MARS - Metaldrone


There were a lot of overlooked gems in the 80s Metal genre and MARS is definitely one of them. Originally released on vinyl back in 1987 , this Pennsylvania-based band may have been short-lived but produced quite a quality slab of Melodic Metal that has rightly earned a cd release in 2010. All of the 80s elements are here...killer vocals from Jimi Jaymz (who would later join Dirty Looks) , razor-sharp guitars and a stomping rhythm section. Very highly recommended to all you underground 80s Metalheads!






AMETHYST - The Maze Of Destiny


Amethyst formed in Kansas City in 1986 and recorded all of these songs between 1990 & 1992. Heavily influenced by bands like Queensryche and Crimson Glory , Amethyst play Melodic "Thinking-Mans" Metal. Geoff Tate-style vocals and first-class musicianship dominate this exceptional release. First time ever on cd!!



Retrospect Records has released almost 50 cd's this year. If you missed our press releases then please come visit us at www.retrospectrecords.com and help support Melodic Rock / AOR music - there are a ton of releases to listen to. Thanks!

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