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seventh son-s/t


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Found this at http://jam.canoe.ca/Music/Pop_Encyclopedia/S/Seventh_Son.html


Artist: Seventh Son




1 She's Insane 3:50

2 Going Downtown 4:16

3 Sticky Little Girl 2:58

4 She Got Me 3:58

5 Invaded 3:02

6 Hard Right 4:08

7 Someone Like Me 3:58

8 Head Over Heels 3:06

9 Skintight 3:18

10 You Don't Turn Me 3:21


Michael Zweig (guitar, vocals) Victor D'Arsie (keyboards) Anton Evans (bass) Terry Martell (drums)


Zweig and D'Arsie had played their share of Top-40 and classic rock cover bands in and around Toronto and were once members of Danny Brooks backing band when the were signed as The Knockouts to a record label that had folded before an album could be finished.


The studio drummer for those sessions was Terry Martell (Refugee) and at that point the three formed the idea of Seventh Son around 1987. They recruited bassist Anton Evans (David Quinton Band) and began demoing original material while working as the backing band for Lulu's Roadhouse in Kitchener which allowed the guys to hone their chops by being backing musicians for the likes of Bo Diddley, Fabian, The Platters and the late Del Shannon.


They were also finalists in the late '80's for battle of the bands contests held by both Q107 (The Homegrown Contest) and CFNY-FM (The Modern Music Search) before deciding to go for the brass ring. They approached producer Tim Thorney (Cassandra Vassik, The Front) and engineer Kevin Doyle (Alannah Myles, Amanda Marshall) to help them capture their magnetic live sound.


The tapes so impressed Jeff Burns at Justin Entertainment that he signed the act and released the album with a minimum of remixes. 'Seventh Son' was released in 1991 but did not fair well and the band was caught in the red-tape of Justin's bankruptcy.


The band members have gone on to other studio projects; Anton Evans released a solo album in the early '90's and currently plays with ex-members of Desparado and Wrabit in classic rock act The Hitmen; Michael Zweig released his second solo album, 'Candyland', on Pacemaker in the late '90s and is currently a member of The Carpet Frogs.

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