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HH Radio completely overhauled

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I have redone the radio feed so that instead of 32kbps it is now 96kbps, which is actually a listenable bitrate. :lol:


The downside is that there isn't enough diskspace in my package to hold the same number of songs (unfortunately, moving up to a package that would actually increase the available diskspace in any meaningful way would triple my costs).


So for now at least, the station is only 2010 releases; all new stuff. Roughly 6.5 hours worth.


Of special note are 3 artists whose promos only came out today: Two Fires, Kiske-Somerville, Issa.


The artists included on the radio station are:


Airbourne (2 songs)

Asia (3)

Auras (3)

Brian Howe (3)

Crashdiet (3)

Crazy Lixx (4)

First Signal featuring Harry Hess (4)

Giant (3)

H.E.A.T. (3)

ISSA (3)

Jet Red (3)

Jorn (3)

Keel (3)

Kiske-Somerville (4)

Kissin Dynamite (4)

Pretty Maids (4)

Ratt (3)

Royal Hunt (3)

Scorpions (4)

Taking Dawn (5)

Terra Nova (3)

Terry Brock (3)

Tony Harnell & the Mercury Train (2)

Treat (4)

Two Fires (4)

Wig Wam (3)

Y&T (3)


Link: http://www.live365.com/stations/151867?play

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