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Hung Jury + Baby Borderline


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Any thoughts on these bands? I'm really liking the Baby Borderline sound, not just because they are British!


Hung Jury


Baby Borderline

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The Hung Jury sounds good to me.



Demon Doll Records is proud to present the collective works of Hollywood bad boys Hung Jury with their debut CD 'Screaming In Blue'.


After dawning the cover of Rock City News and selling out shows with fellow Strip icons Blackboard Jungle and Swingin' Thing, Hung Jury enjoyed a large and loyal fan base across the Los Angeles area in the late 80's and early 90's. Their look was hot and their music was even hotter. Brimming with hooks and harmonies, the boys set out to rule the KNAC charts and tear the walls down with their smash hit songs "Screaming In Blue", "Dark Country", "Evil Way" and their killer rendition of Adam Ants' "Goody Two Shoes"! They swing and don't miss with 11 jaw dropping songs that encompass their reign among the Sunset Strip elite.


This album is silver pressed, officially licensed from the band and all songs have been digitally re-mastered and restored. If you dig infectious Rock N' Roll in the vein of Extreme, Enuff Z' Nuff and Life Sex and Death (for the Hollywood old school!), make sure to grab a copy of this slammin' classic today - exclusively available at DemonDollRecords.com. Shipping Worldwide!

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