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Wild Side - Speed Devil


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Color me impressed.... I saw this on NEH and thought it was possibly the Wildside band we know from Under The Influence, but then saw the band name was 2 words and from Norway. I checked it out anyway and its pretty damn good!


The music is melodic hard rock/metal in the style of PC69 and Pretty Maids and the vocalist has the low end growl of Kevin DuBrow and the mid/upper range style of David Readman/DuBrow. It depends on which song you listen to.


To add... on some of the tunes, especially Won't Let Go, I hear some Jake E. Lee - Bark At The Moon era style riffage



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Yeah, not a bad album. As I said in the first spins thread, it's solid, just maybe missing the one or two killer tracks. Needs more spins, though.

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I did find one or two that were a little bland as well, but all in all, not too bad as a whole

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