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Butch Walker


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Just thought I'd share with this crowd; I went to see Butch Walker last night and during the show, he got on the mic and said something like "Growing up, I was a little metalhead and yesterday, a metal legend passed. I loved Ronnie James Dio." and then he launched into a cover of "Rainbow In the Dark". While not RJD, it was a really good cover and nice of him to honor the memory of RJD and all he and his music meant to him (and so many others). I don't know if he'll do it any more, but it was a great moment, especially for fans of both him and Dio. And Butch went all out too. (He remarked during the next song how much his throat hurt.)


I'm assuming (and hoping) someone got the performance on video and will have it up on Youtube soon. If I see it, I'll put a link in this thread. I think fans of either him or Ronnie James Dio will enjoy the performance.

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Finally, someone got it up on Youtube.


It's obvious from the video that this was a rather unattainable song for Butch. He does what he does very well, but this shows why RJD was a true legend. Still, that said, I think it was cool for Butch to not only recognize Ronnie, but to pay homage to him as well. It was a very cool concert moment for anyone that loves Butch and knows who Dio is.



(In the middle of the next song, Butch stopped and said "My throat still hurts." or something along those lines. Um, that's a safe bet. haha)

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Butch is very versitile and obviously an amazing performer.


A great cover, by a great musician, for another great performer.





BTW: maybe Butch should do a covers record now... Or at least another "rock" record.

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I started this thread about Butch's tribute, but was directed to another as well from a RJD RIP thread.


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