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Molly Hatchet - Justice


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Molly Hatchet's new album 'Justice', their first in 5 years (besides the 'Southern Rock Masters' covers disc) is released 24th May. Always a major highlight for me when these boys release an album and another to add to the list of great bands releasing stuff this year.


Glad to see them continuing to use the excellent Frazetta style artwork aswell.






Track List


1. Been To Heaven Been To Hell

2. Safe In My Skin

3. Deep Water

4. American Pride

5. I'm Gonna Live `Til I Die

6. Fly On Wings Of Angels (Somers Song)

7. As Heaven Is Forever

8. Tomorrows And Forevers

9. Vengeance

10. In The Darkness Of The Night

11. Justice

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I always liked their true metal style album covers but I've never heard any song from them. :D They are a southern rock band, right?



Yeah they are classed as Southern Rock, but they have a lot more balls to their sound compared to alot of other Southern Bands. Great stuff.

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Can't wait to see them live...they're playing my city in May w/ Skynyrd & the Outlaws...


They are great live mate. Unfortunately I never saw them with Danny Joe Brown, but managed to see them on the 'Kingdom Of XII' tour in London back in 2001. You are in for a treat with Skynyrd and The Outlaws playing aswell - a great triple bill. :headbanger:

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All this talk about how good they are live gives me renewed hope since I'm seeing them at DRF this year. To be honest I didn't really have much interest. I do have their greatest hits and I like most of the songs but I'm not a huge fan or anything.

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