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Ray West - 'All Pointz West' (APW)


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Okay, looks like this was released back in 2008 so people may have known about it but just neglected to mention it because it's obvious modern tendencies, but for those interested here it is:




To be totally honest, I can't see many people digging this. Yes, it's modern rock, but there is no mistaking Ray's vocals. Some of the screams lead me to think back of treasures like 'Back on the bitch' and reminds me that this could have been pretty cool if he'd opted for some big belting modern rockers. But as it is, it's pretty slow paced all throughout. Could almost be called that dreaded "nu-metal" term.


I have to admit that if it was not Ray West and I wasn't a fan of Spread Eagle I think I'd just bin this, but there are a few redeeming features like 'Don't think', 'Hypothermia' and 'Stolen' which are all okay, especially 'Stolen'. But still, please note I said okay... they're not exactly great. :lol: Anyway, enough carrying on. Check it out if you want.


From Myspace:

Ray West was the lead singer in the NYC band Spread Eagle who were signed to MCA/Universal. Their self-titled debut album included hard rock classics "Switchblade Serenade," "Scratch Like A Cat," and "Broken City" which quickly gained the band worldwide acclaim propelling them to the forefront of the genre. They released and toured with their second album Open To The Public which included "Revolution Maker," "Devil’s Road," and the beautiful ballad "Faith." Due to changes in the music climate and lack of record company promotion for Open To The Public, the band dissolved.

Ray eventually moved back to Florida and reassessed his life. While personally regrouping and always singing, he subsequently formed a musical partnership with producer Miguel Gonzalez and has completed his debut solo album with Gonzalez producing, which is due to be released Fall, 2009.


For most of his career Ray has shared his gift by teaching voice, which he had started doing during his Spread Eagle days. He has created two rock courses "Grit to Aggression" and "Melody to Madness" helping students learn his unique vocal style.


Ray has finished recording his new album with his band APW aka All Points West with producer Miguel “Nino” Gonzalez. The album will be released Fall, 2009. The track 'Novacaine' was heard on USA’s new TV series “Burn Notice” and will be heard on FX's "Sons of Anarchy" this coming Nov 10, 2009, The track will also be in a new indie movie "Paper Man" and "Hypothermia" is featured in the new BRAAP film, "Narly 9." Additionally, "Crash," "Got my Gun," and "No State of Grace" are going to be featured in the new "Crusty Demons" film.


For news and updated information please visit the Official Ray West website: www.myspace.com/RayWestOfficial

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I think I heard some of the tracks back a couple of years ago and his solo stuff isn't for me at all. With the new upswing in Sleaze he needs to get Spread Eagle back into it. I know the guitar player won't do it but the bass player has been playing with Sebastian Back so he's very active.

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