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BUDGIE US dates!


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The legendary Welsh rockers BUDGIE will be doing a handful of US dates this spring,


4/22 PITTSBURG, PA Rex Theater

4/23 ALLENTOWN, PA Sterling Hotel

4/24 " " " "

5/1 SAN ANTONIO, TX Backstage Live


I understand they will also be doing an instore M&G at DOUBLE DECKER in Allentown on 4/23. More info as it arises...


I believe the current guitaist is still Craig Goldy. Don't miss a rare chance to see this classic band live!


Anyone for BUDGIE?

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Haven't seen the Welsh boys for years. I think the last time I saw them was on the 'Power Supply' and 'Nightflight' tours back in the early 80's, with the mighty John Thomas on guitar. They used to be a great 'Power' trio back in the day, that's for sure. Great band.

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I've seen them with John too, they were great. Never got to see Tony.


I understand there will be a Allentown in-store M&G at DOUBLE DECKER on the 23rd. :)

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Weird I picked up Never Turn Your Back on a friend last week and it dropped thru the post yesterday....only just seen this thread, spooky, I just had an overwhelming desire to hear Breadfan and Parents.....maybe this thread was working subliminally on me.

Never saw the band live but I did see Tredegar (with some ex Budgie guys) at the Target club in London years ago.

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More BUDGIE news!


I found some more dates, there will be a Cleveland show on 4/26, and a Chicago show 4/28 (Kineic Playground).


Also the Pittsburg show may now be at the DEISEL

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BREAKING NEWS! Acc to website, all BUDGIE US dates are postponed, look for new dates in May/June. More news when I get it :(

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