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A few months ago, I picked up a CD called Hymns in the Key of 666 by a Swedish band called Hellsongs. They do loungey 70's acoustic folk style interpretations of classic metal songs by bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, AC/DC, Twisted Sister, etc.


You can check out a bunch of their songs on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/hellsongs


Now their style of music isn't for everyone and I'm sure some of you will consider what they've done to these songs as sacrilegious but I find them rather interesting. What I like about their versions is that they aren't straight up covers - they keep parts of the songs that make them recognizable but change enough that they sound refreshing to my ears.


Oh and I guess we could possibly extend this thread to include interesting covers of the 80s songs we all know and love by new(ish) bands, especially those that put a nice twist rather than straight up covers!

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Hellsongs version of The Trooper is beyond excellent IMO. I think that it's one track that really stands out on the album.


Oh most definitely. I also like the spin they put on Europe's Rock The Night and Saxon's Princess of the Night.



I dig Shadows Fall's version of "Teasin Pleasin" from Dangerous Toys. :headbanger:

Tis great indeed. Their cover of Bark At The Moon isn't bad either, but it's fairly straight forward.


Bullet For My Valentine also do a fairly safe cover of Robert Tepper's No Easy Way Out.

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