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The Szuters


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They're a pop rock band formed by Mike and C.J. Szuter, formerly of Hard Rock/AOR band 'Outta the Blue' who released some demos and a S/T album in the late 80's. It seems the Szuters are really popular in Japan, as this is where they have released four albums.


From what I can tell from the bits and pieces I've heard, fans of Cheap Trick, The Click Five, Enuff Z Nuff etc might find something to enjoy here.


There doesn't seem to be an awful lot of info on this band on the net but I'd be keen to hear more. Anyone heard their albums?


You're the One (You Tube Video)


Also of interest is that in an interview on Melodic.net, Mike Szuter states that songs from the two 'Outta the Blue' demos were re-released in recent years on a CD called '"SELECTIONS FROM OUTTA THE BLUE". It was apparently a limited edition CD that was being sold on their website. Anyone manage to get it?

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I have The Szuters' 'Last band standing' EP / mini-album. Pretty good stuff too. They had a cool sound. Their name was being thrown around a bit when SR-71 and Butch Walker/M3 first found their way into the melodic rock world. They kind of remind me of a slightly less catchy Waltham. Good band and I'd hear more of their stuff if it was on offer... and I'd love to hear the Outta The Blue stuff.

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