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Avoid This Seller: DIEGO GARCIA-MEZA

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Guest Avenger

Hi, I'm Shaun a moderator at the Corroseum, I don’t know if anyone from here is familiar with the website as the musical tastes there are quite substantially different but this is a message that must be made public. I am also aware that this is the wrong section to post such information but granted that I do not have access to the correct sub-forum due to lack of posts here, this is my only option. Mods please feel free to move the thread to the correct sub-forum. Thanks for the consideration.



Diego Garcia-Meza

407 River Bend Road

Great Falls, Virginia


United States



Email: garciameza@yahoo.com & garciameza2003@yahoo.com



Ebay Nickname: Caradepichi



Ripped me off $575.00 USD. He sent me an email saying that he was sending me out a package on November 11th 2009 and as of today, I still have not recieved anything and he's avoiding my emails.


Aviod like the plague.

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:yikes: That's a hell of alot of money to lose !!!!

Obviously you did not pay with paypal :unsure:


That amount would nearly be worth a visit to this fucker or paying someone a hundred or so dollars who may live in his vicinity to pay him a visit and teach him a very painful leason that will ensure he eats hospital food only, for a very long time !!!!!!!!

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