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Electric Boys are Reuniting


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This outta be good :bananamac:


From Melodic Rock



New Electric Boys due in 2010. From the band's website: "Ok! So we got together for the first time in what, 17 years?? These are the first tracks that we demoed at our friend Damon's place, Future Legends Studios. It's a sample of SOME of the stuff on the album. The rest will contain stuff that both sounds familiar but also stuff that doesn't. We're in the studio now, recording as we speak, and we are all very exited!! Album's out in March. Until then, enjoy this little teaser and keep checking back for more news!"

A 1:40 clip of samples has been posted to YouTube. Check out at: www.electricboys.com/website.



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This really came as no surprise to me. I've been expecting these guys to reunite long before now. I checked out that minute and a half of demos they posted on youtube, but I wasn't really blown away. Seems like they lost the magic of classics like "All Lips and Hips". But, again, they did stress that those were demo quality. So, there's still hope.

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