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BLACK COUNTRY=Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonaham & Joe Bonamassa


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This should be a bluesy classic rock slice of heaven when it gets released and with Kevin Shirley producing should sound good as well. :headbanger:


Also last I heard it was gonna have keyboardist Derek Sherenian in the band as well.




Drummer Jason Bonham (LED ZEPPELIN) has joined forces with legendary bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes (DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH) and guitarist Joe Bonamassa in a brand new project tentatively dubbed BLACK COUNTRY.


"I just literally went into the studio last week for two days with one person I'd done an album with before, very quickly, and then the other was a friend of my father's I got to meet later on, Joe Bonamassa and Glenn Hughes, and we're working on a new project with a working title of BLACK COUNTRY," Bonham tells Spinner.com. "We just went in with [producer] Kevin Shirley [LED ZEPPELIN, JOURNEY, IRON MAIDEN, DREAM THEATER] and played riffs and just jammed for two days. And that's really exciting."


Bonham tells Spinner.com that the new group, which takes its name from the industrial area in England that he and Hughes come from, is in fact a band. "We're actually recording an album, literally in that process of jamming it out and editing and putting together and going, 'Yeah, that's really cool,'" he says.

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Very promising indeed........Look forward to hearing some of this :tumbsup:

Sleaze Roxx - Black Country


I saw that story to over at Blabbermouth.

I'm guessing the disc that Shirley is currently working on is Iron Maiden(at least I hope so).


This BC disc should good for us that enjoy the bluesy classic side of things.

Hopefully Glenn leaves the funk out of this and Joe shows his Zeppelin influence. :headbanger:

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