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Seasons Lost - 'After the storm'


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Just heard this one during my trip and sadly haven't had enough time with it to place it in my ranks for 2009, but man did I like what I heard. Big, heavy songs with great melodies that often reminded me of Emerald Rain.


The first songs has some random screaming in it, as well as a later song (and both songs kick f*cking ass) but I don't think anyone would classify this as modern or screamo - just great heavy melodic hard rock. Give it a go... I doubt it'll disappointed:


Cheap too:






Track listing:


1. To Hell And Back

2. Confession

3. The Big Empty

4. Borrowed Time

5. Dry Ground

6. Skeletal Remedy

7. Forever

8. Taken Away

9. Predanatural

10. Graveshifter


Good review here:

Season's Lost: After The Storm


Blasting out of Florida like a tropical storm, or they may just clean up After The Storm, the band Season's Lost hits you with a heavy metal hurricane that is as fierce and powerful as anything that Mother Nature can throw at you. With a sense of melody that will have you toe tapping and fist pumping combined with hooky choruses that will have you singing at the top of your lungs, these guys are a slice of the arena rock that my generation grew up on mixed with the occasional growl and thunderous metal of today. What a cocktail this blending makes!


Taking off with a might roar, "To Hell And Back" unleashes the fury that is Season's Lost. The clean vocals with an occasional growl for emphasis will let you know that these guys mean business. When they want to melt your face, they can do so with the ease of a flame thrower! But that is not the factor that makes these guys truly dynamic. It is their ability to take you down a few different musical paths that makes this disc one that I am really glad to have found.


They move you into almost southern rock territory with the next offering "Confession". A chunky guitar breaks into a soaring sing-a-long chorus with terrific harmonies making this one of those foot stompin' heavy metal anthems that will become a song that you know every word to and make you play rock star even if you singing will peel paint.


If you want heavy, the band proves that this is their territory also. "Skeletal Remedy" is as hard as is gets with the deep growling vocals that a bone jarring contrast to the clean vocals that emerge. Even on the heaviest song on the disc the bands sense of melody endures and gives you a feeling that there is a little light even in the darkest corners.


Following a similar formula is my favorite song off the disc, the album closer according to the track listing "Graveshifter". My only complaint about the disc is how they close it out. After this terrific number, there is a hidden track that you have to endure extended silence, followed by random talking, then silence again before you get some studio banter followed by dead air again that leads to more talking then an untitled acoustic piece that is very good. It had better be after what you endure to get there!


Even with that unusual ending, this is a great album. I have been enjoying it a lot. From trips in the truck to passing the time at work this disc has been with me on many occasions since I got it and it is not going to stray far from the CD player yet!



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