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Vertical Horizon - Burning the Days (2009)


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10 years on from their awesome 'Everything You Want' album and Vertical Horizon have a new album out - 'Burning the Days'. I'm playing it for the first time as I write this and so far I'm loving it. Will post my full thoughts later. I know there's a few VH fans on this forum. Anyone heard the new disc yet??




1. All Is Said and Done 4:24

2. The Lucky One 3:55

3. The Middle Ground 4:25

4. I Believe In You 3:23

5. Save Me From Myself 4:17

6. Carrying On 3:36

7. Back To You 3:34

8. Can You Help Me 3:59

9. Afterglow 3:59

10. Here 3:40

11. Welcome To The Bottom 5:47

12. Even Now

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Yeah, surprisingly strong CD. Everytime I play it I am meant to mention it... but I think it's probably the best CD they've made since the debut. Very good disc.

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