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this guy wanted his seat really bad

66 mustang

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I would tell you to watch the whole video but it is so one sided it isn't funny. It is ovisousley made by a PV fan. to set the story of this game, here goes. PV has the younger brother of Thomas Jones, Julius playing for them at this point. Appy has Travis Clark, cousin to Thomas and Julius. Of course Julius goes on to Notre Dame then to the NFL. Travis was probably just as talented but circumstacnces were not in his favor. he eventually went on to play some Arena Football. This game was for the LPD Title. just to point out how good these two single A teams were, The eventual AA div 3 state champion lost to both PV and Appy during the regular season. Both PV and Appy went on to win state titles this year. Virginia is really stupid in it's classifications. you have A, AA & AAA but each class is broken into big and small division. So in each class you have 2 state winners. For instance here, you have Appy as single A division 1 and PV single A division 2. Oh and one more thing, these 2 schools are mortal enemies. Really tough game, wasn't decided till a last second INT by PV in the 4th qtr to seal the win.

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