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Takida - 'The Darker Instinct'


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I think it's about time this band got a thread. The new CD from this year, 'The Darker Instinct' is really good. Completely littered with excellent songs, it deserves to be heard by people here. I've had it for a while and I admit there is one thing that's kept me from posting a thread - the vocals. He doesn't have a bad voice, but he has one of these serious, deep almost monotone voices that a lot of the Finnish bands suffer from (these guys are from Sweden). It's not that bad and it might not affect most people's enjoyment of this CD, so check it out. Song-wise, this is really top notch.


I have heard one of their other CDs, but looking at their discography I'm not sure which one - I didn't realise they had so many. That one was actually really good too, but this new one seems to be their best yet. That I've heard anyway. :lol:


Official site with discography:







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