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Brian Damage


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Ok so I've looked a bit harder and found a small amount of info.


These 4 tracks were released this year by Music Valley Records and are available as digital downloads only from various on-line locations including i-Tunes. Whilst they were released in 2009, these songs are almost certainly much older, sounding like typical late 80's Melodic Hard Rock songs. The artwork above would support this assumption as well. I'd still like to know who the heck these guys are, where they're from and did they ever release anything?

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Sounds pretty good to me. And indeed demo quality.





Brain Damage:


Francesco Sighieri - lead vocals, guitars
Antonio Stefanini - bass and backing vocals
Stefano "sledge" Luchi - Drums
Pietro "Pio" Stefanini - Keyboards, vocals



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How on earth do you find this stuff, Stefan? Anyway, it's good to put a sound with Justin's posts. They sound cool, but man that is terrible sound quality. Shame we didn't get to hear these guys properly.

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