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The Sunstreak - 'Once upon a lie'


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It's funny that I was just noting the lack of thread-worthy modern rock bands this year when this one turns up in my ears, one day later. If you're a fan of Quietdrive meets Fallbrooke, OWN THIS! I spun the MP3s yesterday and I have a copy of this in the mail as we speak as a result (for a delicious au$10 too). I am totally in love with this disc after just the first spin and there's no doubt it'll probably slot right in at number 2 behind Monty Are I on my modern rock list this year. Totally killer from start to finish. Check them out:




Track list:


01. Once Upon A Lie

02. Great White Coma

03. Until I Met You

04. Only For Tonight

05. By The Way

06. Stay

07. Here I Go Again

08. Everyday

09. Here In My Arms

10. What Else Can I Do?

11. I'm Through



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Are there seriously no takers yet? Got this on Friday and was spinning it all weekend.


I should warn that it is sickly sweet in places, especially on the ballads like 'Here in my arms' (destined to be a wedding song for the kids of today) and the lyrics are quite lovey-dovey a lot of the time... but the songs are just killer. Shamelessly commercial, there is not a hint of a weak track. The first four are probably my faves, but I love the whole thing. If you love catchy pop rock, give this a go urgently.

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"Once Upon A Lie" was the only track that did anything for me. That is a good one...

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