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Wild Blue - Fire With Fire


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anyone know the band?



I remember taping this off a TV show when it was first released....Love this track but the rest of the album did not impress me.


Wild Blue

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Very nice song! I like it!


I found a bit of info over at AOR FM about this band.


They released a single album called 'No More Jinx' in 1986 on Chrysalis.

The song 'Fire With Fire' was used on the OST of a movie of the same name that I now want to see.

The singers name is Rene Varo and she was previously in a band called 'Jinx' and later in 2008 joined a group called 'Love Kill Me'.

Other band members were from the bands Device, Trillion and Maxus.


AND the CD was re-issues this year on Renaissance Records and can be purchased here on E-Bay for $7.99 + postage. Seems like they have an abundance of copies.



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Got into this song from some teen-movie and went out and bought the single back in the day,my wife to be watched the film with me and said"Hunt down this band for me".I need no excuse to go music hunting so i went out and only found the single,she was happy and so was i as it's a good song.Saw the video on some show back in the day as well.

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