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Goes to show how much I've been around.


They are (were) indeed on the Riker Hill (ZO2) label.


I have the original of the Fixer (Before The Sun) before they signed to Riker Hill. I never bought the RH version, but the songs I listened to on MS, I wasn't crazy about the mixes/changes they made to the songs. The original version was way better, in my opinion.


Their sleazy rock sound was modernized, but still enough to be appreciated by rock fans. (Although, apparently not ALL fans, as the only other comment, aside from mine, on the main site was totally ripping them.) In addition to the two songs already mentioned, I really dug Hillbilly Heroin and When It Comes To You is a nice version of how a ballad is written these days, but I think the only song I wasn't crazy about was Tuxedo, but it wasn't bad either. (I'd have to give it another, more recent, spin to be sure.) But Tell No One and Down Without It are heroes of this album. Great frosh effort here. I hope they continue and put out a second album. (Saw them live twice too.)


Kinda curious about the extra track on the RH version (What's It Like). Anyone have this version/song? Is it worth grabbing on iTunes?

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Hmmm, not too bad. There's just something there I'm not really into, though. I'd probably pick this up if I ever found it in a real cheap bargain bin, but not sure it'd be a keeper for me personally.

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