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Jive Mother Mary


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These guys are from North Carolina and play music influenced by Aerosmith, Zeppelin, Free and other blues influenced 70's classic bands. Good stuff. :tumbsup:


Check out samples here:



Here's the review from Classicrockrevisited.com:


Jive Mother Mary is a band of teenagers who hail from North Carolina. Instead of playing detuned and depressed music, or rapping and hip-hopping across the stage, these youngsters are pumping out original music that harkens back to the days of the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, the Allman Brothers and the Black Crowes. The bottom line is that these kids know how to write songs and how to rock.


A throwback to the three-piece, guitar, bass and drums era, JMM’s debut album is dripping with riffs, licks and pure rock n’ roll attitude. Opener “Let Me In” kicks the party off and will demand to be played loud and often while “Bedroom Eyes” features an in yer face guitar riff that will have the stereo cranked up to ten.


Jive Mother Mary is not just a one-dimensional band, however. Title track, “All Fall Down” is a slow burner rock hog that mixes the drone of the best Zeppelin album cuts with the attitude and angst of the best of 70’s Aerosmith. “Holy Roller” is the marriage of Free and The Black Crowes. These boys may be young but they can play and sing their asses off. The songwriting is much more mature than their years proving that Jive Mother Mary has what it takes to graduate from the Carolina’s to the national music scene. Fans of jam bands, riff rock and good old classic hard rock will love this band.


n Jeb Wright

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Thanx Wes!! :tumbsup:


You know I love this shit!!!


I thought both Dave and yourself would like these guys. :tumbsup:


Had never heard of them before and don't mind at all what I've just heard.........Not bad at all and alot of potential there for sure.....thanks Wes for that :tumbsup:

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