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Free Concerts In Salt Lake City


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Alright here it is,

August 12th free at the Galivan Center- Lacuna Coil & Halestorm, show begins at 7pm.


August 19th, Steel Panther rocks 2 full sets, the show begins at 7pm.


So whoever needs merchandise or cd's email me soon, so I make sure I have enough cash to cover what you need! And make sure your sure, I don't need to get stuck with 20 Steel Panther cd's! I don't like them that much.

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I guess I should be more clear! We were discussing Steel Panther on the other SP thread, I know some might want their disc, seeing its not out yet in the USA, but my uncle saw them and said they sell their cd's at the show, so to anybody that doesn't have it yet, and doesn't or hasn't imported it, and they want it, i'll grab them one at the show! and just mail it, I don't think its even worth charging S&H, you can drive to the store and buy your own Lacuna Coil and Halestorm cd's!

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