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AKA - 'Dangerous addiction'


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What's the story with this CD? Had this one for ages and always loved it. It's come to a time where I need to know more about it.


The copy I have doesn't have a date on it and the insert is just a single double sided thing. Details are sparse. Anyone know if this the only kind of copy floating around, or is there a full booklet etc?


Anyway, not too concerned about that. The main site says it was released in 1995. So anyone knows if this was recorded in 1995 or was it a few years earlier? It's got a great production job and some pretty beefy riffs too. No doubt there are a couple of fillers, but you'd be hard pressed to not love stuff like 'Maryanne', 'Waiting for You', 'Fantasy' or the monster title track.


Anyway, what happened to these guys? Does anyone in the band have any other projects? The vocalist has a really great voice on him. What do people know about these guys?

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I wonder if that's the version I have. It's all silver pressed and all that jive... just no idication it's from 1995.

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I like it.








Bio from reverbnation.com:


I am a local artist from Northeast Pennsylvania beating the path and knocking on doors trying to get my music out there (no complaints though, I have met a lot of great people. Attached below is a bio I sent out .
Thank you so much for your time

Mark Thurston
Marks musical journey began around the age of 5 after witnessing the Beatles live on TV. Always encouraged to sing and play by family, Mark would start performing live by the age of 13 with Brother Curt and friends. Through high school and college there would be rock bands and many live shows to maintain the musical fix that had set in . Opportunities to play alongside of some fantastic musicians has been one of the highlights throughout a life of writing, recording and playing live, passion that continues today. Raising a family with his wife Candy brought continued joy. Starting with a PC and a keyboard and son Nathan, Mark built a small recording studio (M&N Studios) and started his own recordings. Personal friends and bands with tight budgets would follow and the studio started to grow. While recording full projects and small demos , Mark would continue his personal writing and recordings and as the studio grew as seems so did his faith. In 2008, he returned to the live scene with a 12 piece Christian Band ‘The Knights of the Glad Countenance’ and later shows with his popular Rock band ‘AKA’. Mark is currently performing live with ‘RUST’ a Blues based classic rock band consisting of some of the northern tiers standout musicians . After much thought and work Mark released his first solo CD ' Believer' In May 2013.An album filled with Contemporary POP , Rock Rhythms and Ballads. Mark carries his faith with him and it comes shining through on such tunes as ‘ The Middle’ , ‘Jesus won’t you save me’ ( I dare you to remain seated while this is playing ).Heavier rock tunes such as ‘2 me’ and ‘Take it from me ‘ reflect thoughts from the left side of the brain. Currently working on a video for ‘When you return to me’ and the Title Track ‘ Believer” . Mark continues to write and record in M&N Studios and play Live ........and so the journey continues ........
Mark Thurston

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Fillers for sure, but some excellent stuff on this album.


Interesting write up. Shame to hear he is a christian freak, but I'd love to hear the solo album, out of curiosity.

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